CIVICA Applied Data Science Seminar Series

Session 5 - Fall 2021

Session 5 - Fall 2021 will take place on Wednesday, 4:00 PM CEST 3 November 2021, on Zoom Webinar

About The Series

The CIVICA Data Science Seminar series is a unique multi-disciplinary series focused on applications and methodologies of data science for the social, political, and economic world.

Session 5 Fall 2021 Details

The study of political campaign in academia so far has mainly focused on the text of speech and the way that candidates communicate to their audience. In this session of the CIVICA Data Science Seminar Series, Prof. Christopher Lucas from the Department of Political Science at Washington University St. Louis will guide us through his team's research on how we are ignoring another tremendously important component of how voters assess a potential political leader - the non-textual elements and political rhetoric.

Seminar Speaker

Prof. Christopher Lucas
Prof. Christopher Lucas

Christopher Lucas is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis. He studies methodology, political communication, and the media. His research is published in the American Political Science Review and the American Journal of Political Science, among other venues. Ongoing work, supported by the National Science Foundation, develops and applies computational models for the statistical analysis of speech audio.


Dr. Olga Gasparyan

Welcome Introduction Dr. Olga Gasparyan, Hertie School

Setting the scene: Brief intro to the speaker and his talk

Prof. Christopher Lucas

Seminar Session Prof. Christopher Lucas, Washington University in St. Louis

"More than Words: How Political Rhetoric Shapes Voters’ Affect and Evaluation."

Research Discussion. Lead Institution

Q&A / Discussion on the research


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