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Session 3

Session 3 will take place on Wednesday, 4:00 PM CET April 7 on Zoom

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The CIVICA Data Science Seminar series is a unique multi-disciplinary series focused on applications and methodologies of data science for the social, political, and economic world.

Session 3 Details

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems are increasingly being deployed to automate the process of hiring. It is most likely that your next job application will be screened by an algorithm before it even reaches the eye of an actual human being. These tools promise to cut down on the time and efforts needed for recruiting new talents while also choosing the right candidate with impartiality and fair assessment without the biases of human recruiters. But is it really up to the task? Critics argue that such systems can still introduce bias ingrained in the data, and they lack both accountability and transparency, and most likely are not guaranteed to be accurate.

Armed with the same concern, Professor Christo Wilson of Northeastern University, together with his team, has been diligently conducting audits of these algorithms and services, digging into their source code to determine whether they truly contain safeguards to prevent human errors and maintaining fairness. In session 3 of the CIVICA Data Science Seminar Series, he will introduce the methods and findings of his research into one such service: pymetrics - a talent matching platform start-up with the promise to help enterprise companies build diverse teams of top performers, entirely bias free by leveraging behavioral science and audited AI technology.[Full Paper]

pymetrics' neuroscience game-based hiring platform

Seminar Speaker

Christo Wilson
Christo Wilson

Christo Wilson is an Associate Professor in the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University. He is a member of the Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute and the Director of the BS in Cybersecurity program in the College. His research seeks to investigate the sociotechnical systems that shape our lives using a multi-disciplinary approach. He believes that by increasing transparency we can also improve accountability of these systems.


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"Negotiating with AI: Fairness in the Labor Market"

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