CIVICA Applied Data Science Seminar Series

Session 2 - Fall 2021

Session 2 - Fall2021 will take place on Wednesday, 4:00 PM CEST 22 September 2021, on Zoom Webinar

About The Series

The CIVICA Data Science Seminar series is a unique multi-disciplinary series focused on applications and methodologies of data science for the social, political, and economic world.

Session 2 Details

Are beautiful environments good for our health and happiness? In session 2 Fall 2021 of the CIVICA Data Science Seminar Series, Prof. Suzy Moat of Warwick Business School will describe how millions of ratings from an online game called ‘Scenic-or-Not’ and a mobile app called ‘Mappiness’ have begun to offer new answers to this age-old question. Prof. Moat will explain how deep learning can help us understand whether beautiful places are simply natural places - or whether humans might be able to build beautiful places too.

Seminar Speaker

Prof. Suzy Moat
Prof. Suzy Moat

Suzy Moat is Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School, where she directs the Data Science Lab with her colleague Tobias Preis. She is also a Fellow of The Alan Turing Institute. Moat's research investigates whether data on our usage of the Internet, from sources such as Google, Twitter, Wikipedia and online games, can help us measure and predict human behaviour. See more


Erica Thompson

Welcome Introduction Dr. Erica Thompson, LSE

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Prof. Suzy Moat

Seminar Session Prof. Suzy Moat

Understanding Beautiful Places and Wellbeing with AI

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