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Session 5 - Spring 2022

Session 5 - Spring 2022 will take place on Wednesday, 4:00 PM CET 9 March 2022, on Zoom Webinar

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The CIVICA Data Science Seminar series is a unique multi-disciplinary series focused on applications and methodologies of data science for the social, political, and economic world.

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Our current approach to success is driven by the belief that predicting exceptional impact requires us to detect extraordinary ability. Despite the long-standing interest in the problem, even experts remain notoriously bad at predicting long-term impact. Success becomes suddenly predictable, however, if we see it not as an individual but a collective phenomenon: for something to be successful, it is not enough to be novel or appealing, but we all must agree that it is worthy of praise. If we accept the collective nature of success, its signatures can be uncovered from the many pieces of data around us using the tools of network and data sciences. In this talk, Prof. Albert-László Barabási will focus on success in science as a way to testing our ability to measure and predict success. He will show that the future impact of research papers can be predicted by decoding the community’s early reaction to it. Moving to scientific careers, he ask the question whether we can predict when will scientists make their highest impact discovery and how to assign credit to collaborative work. The uncovered patterns point towards a general, quantitative theory of success and signal the emergence of a new research field - The Science of Success.

Seminar Speaker

Prof. Albert-László Barabási
Prof. Albert-László Barabási

Albert-László Barabási is the Robert Gray Dodge Professor of Network Science and a Distinguished University Professor at Northeastern University, where he directs the Center for Complex Network Research, and holds appointments in the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Central European University in the Department of Network and Data Science, and is a member of the Center for Cancer Systems Biology at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.


Prof. Gerardo Iñiguez, CEU

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Prof. Albert-László Barabási

Seminar Session Prof. Albert-László Barabási, CEU

The Science of Success: Quantifying Outcomes in Social Systems

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