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Session 9 - Spring 2022

Session 9 - Spring 2022 will take place on Wednesday, 4:00 PM CEST 15 June 2022, on Zoom Meeting

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The CIVICA Data Science Seminar Series is a forum that brings together interdisciplinary experts working on novel methodological approaches that leverage new forms of data to address complex societal challenges.

Session 9 - Spring 2022 Details

The mass inflows of immigrants are believed to create public anxiety and impact attitudes and votes. However, few scholars have systematically explored the construction of migration as a crisis.

In this session of the CIVICA Data Science Seminar Series, Dr. Michelle Reddy and Dr. Hélène Thiollet from the Center for International Research (CERI) at Sciences Po will use automated text analysis on a longitudinal dataset extracted from French newspapers to locate the emergence of “migration crisis” discourse in 2015, absent massive inflows of migrants or refugees in France contrary to other European countries - this showscases a politicised framing of a humanitarian issue that might have created a sense of slow-burning crisis in French society.

Seminar Speaker

Dr. Michelle Reddy
Dr. Michelle Reddy

Michelle Reddy is a Postdoctoral Scholar at CERI, Sciences Po and a lecturer at Stanford University's Graduate School of Education. She examines crises (Ebola, migration, and COVID-19) and largely focuses on the role of non-state actors such as NGOs their role in education and health development,democratization, and crisis response, as well as challenges such as external technical standards by international donors.

Dr. Hélène Thiollet
Dr. Hélène Thiollet

Hélène Thiollet is a CNRS permanent researcher. Her research deals with the politics of migration and asylum in the Global South, and she focuses her empirical work on the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. She also works on crises and political transformations linked to migration and asylum. She teaches international relations, comparative politics and migration studies at Sciences Po and EHESS.


Dr. Pedro Ramaciotti Morales

Welcome Introduction Dr. Pedro Ramaciotti Morales, Sciences Po

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Seminar Session Dr. Michelle Reddy & Dr. Hélène Thiollet

The Making of a French Migration Crisis

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